Enhancing commuter connectivity: Woking Railway Station sets the bar with proposed high-speed Wi-Fi implementation


Woking Railway Station in Surrey has earned recognition as one of the best London commuter stations due to its convenient proximity.

Image: iStock. Woking station sign.

Based on data provided by performance tracking site On Time Trains, Woking was recognised as being at the top of a list with 30 vibrant railway stations situated outside the M25 but within an hour’s travel of central London. Now proposed Wi-Fi connectivity along its tracks could make Woking even better for London commuters.

Rankings were determined using four key criteria, such as punctuality, service frequency, travel speed and value. Now Evo-rail, an expert provider of 5G coverage solutions, has submitted a planning application for a six-metre tall mast adjacent to Farnborough station that would enhance network coverage for rail users from Farnborough Brookwood Woking services connecting them directly with London Waterloo.

Woking Borough Council validated the application on Monday, March 6. It entails the construction of a tall steel column on Network Rail land near Cemetery Pales in Brookwood. This column will contain radio antennae that can transmit superfast Wi-Fi; you can even play Money Train 3 online with such a fast Wi-Fi without interruption. Evo-rail’s planning documents explain that the radio equipment utilises technology similar to that of home Wi-Fi setups but with the signal specifically designed to transmit exclusively along the railway track for the benefit of passing trains.

In addition, the application outlines that for human exposure to electromagnetic fields, the minimum safety distance is 0.3 metres for general public exposure. Therefore, radio equipment will be situated more than four metres above the ground in order to guarantee no one comes within harm’s way during transmission process.

Evo-rail stands as the sole provider of rail-5G track-to-train communications, revolutionising passenger connectivity. Due to Evo-rail’s efforts, Woking Railway Station has now become the top spot for commuters, surpassing South Western Railway services that operate there; prior to 2018, only 15% of commuter services ran on time at Woking!

The impact of high-speed Wi-Fi on train travel experience

The impact of high-speed Wi-Fi on train travel experience has been significant. With the ability to stay connected to the internet while in transit, passengers can now use their travel time more efficiently. This has led to an increase in productivity for many commuters, as they can now work on the go.

Moreover, high-speed Wi-Fi has transformed the way passengers interact with each other during the commute. With the ability to connect to social media and messaging apps, passengers can now connect with other passengers and make new friends. This has led to a more sociable and enjoyable travel experience for many commuters.

High-speed Wi-Fi has also had a positive impact on the overall customer experience. With access to entertainment, news and other resources, passengers are more likely to have a positive view of the train company and its services. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

The potential for increased productivity with high-speed train Wi-Fi

High-speed Wi-Fi on trains has the potential to increase productivity for many commuters. With the ability to work on the go, business professionals can get more done during their daily commute. This can lead to a more efficient use of time and increased productivity.

Moreover, high-speed Wi-Fi allows commuters to stay connected with their colleagues and clients while in transit. This can be especially important for those who work in industries that require constant communication and collaboration.

However, it’s important to note that not all tasks can be completed on a train journey. Some tasks require a dedicated workspace or a stable internet connection, which may not be possible on a train. Nevertheless, high-speed Wi-Fi on trains provides an opportunity for commuters to be productive during their travel time.

The future of high-speed Train Wi-Fi

The future of high-speed train Wi-Fi looks bright, with many train companies investing in the technology to provide a better travel experience for their passengers. With advancements in technology, we can expect to see even faster and more reliable Wi-Fi services on trains in the future.

Moreover, the potential for increased connectivity and collaboration during train journeys is vast. With the ability to connect with colleagues and clients while on the go, high-speed train Wi-Fi has the potential to transform the way we work and communicate.

However, there are also challenges to be faced in implementing high-speed train Wi-Fi. The cost of infrastructure and maintenance can be high, and there may be technical challenges in providing a stable and reliable Wi-Fi service on moving trains. Nevertheless, the benefits of high-speed train Wi-Fi are clear, and it is likely that we will see continued investment and innovation in this area in the years to come.

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